Vigo Video – Trick To Earn more PayPal Money ( Daily 1$ Easily)


Hlw TrickyExpert User I am back with PayPal Earning Tricks (Daily 1$ minimum) Yes I am Taking About Vigo Video App Which is Giving money for Uploading small Video Daily

What is Vigo Video ?

Vigo video is an App, which gives money by uploading videos. The more our videos will be appreciated by the viewers, the more money we get.We can make a payment request starting from just $ 1 . That is Insane. We can edit a great video with it. This app is the best alternative for youtube. Just make 15 Seconds videos and earn huge !!

How to Install Vigo Video

  1. Go to this link –Click Here.
  2. Now Click on the Start Now button
  3. Now a new page will open. Sign in with  your facebook Account.
  4. Now after login you will return back to original Page. Now again click on start button and this time you will go to play store.
  5. Install the app. Open it and Click on Register / Login.
  6. Login with the same facebook account which you used in Step.
  7. Done ! Your account is set up ! You are ready to Earn !

How to Earn in Vigo App ?

  1. Click the Plus Option in the middle.

2. Record any video From the camera itself. Very Important !

3. Now edit the video according to your needs.

4. Upload it.

5. Wait for 30-60 Minutes and see the number of flames you got.

What are Flames ?

Flames are equal to Money in $.

In vigo video 67 Flames make 1$. Which means approximately 1 flame is equal to 1 Indian Rupees.


How to Redeem ?

  • Go to your Flames Option.
  • 2. Now click on link Paypal and link it accordingly. ( Paypal account must be verified )

    3. Now click on Redeem and then Enter the amount. ( MIN. 1$ )

    4. BOOM !! You get money instantly.

    Trick and Tips to get more flames !!

    1. Make High Quality videos with good lighting conditions.

    2. Do not make and upload multiple videos at once. Make a maximum of 6 videos in a day with each an interval of min. 2 hours.

    3. Try to increase your Followers. This will help you get more likes and shares and you will get more flames.

    FOLLOW ME – search this number ( my id ) –   80728338361(I WILL FOLLOW BACK INSTANTLY )

    4. Use multiple characters and make funny videos for more flames.


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