How to Optimize WordPress for best speed performance


Hello guys this is prem admin of Nexanow After starting our own hosting company,I get bunch of knowledge of wordpress and website confiquration to get better performace and speed and many guys did not know how to improve the speed of your WordPress website.So here i ma going to share some tips How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance.Having a fast site is essential if you want to provide your visitors with great user experience and rank well in the search engines like Google and Bing which take the loading speed of your pages into consideration.

how to optimize wordpress

Choose a light weight theme.

The theme is the soul of a WordPress site. If you choose a poorly designed theme,  it will take a lot of time to load and that will slow up your site. Your theme should be intelligent and fast. It will not be a liability if you spend a few bucks to buy a premium theme and use it on your site then go with a free theme which could have a lot of other vulnerabilities. or you can connect the Web developer to custimze the theme according to your Likes and tell me to make responsive theme if you need the Website design at low cost contact me in whatsapp 8297085983 or mail me

Look at the available themes { Themeforest,evento}

Optimise images

  • While I always try to suggest to minimise the number of images, it may not be possible always, on many websites. So you have to make sure that the images are correctly scaled and cropped down so that the page size will be minimum. Ideally, the size of a page should not go beyond 1.5Mb for faster page loads.
  • Smush your images. Smushing them will remove all the additional data from your photos – creation date, camera used for the photo, GPS coordinates, etc. There is a plugin that does that for you called WP

Use a static URL to serve images.

Taking off the images from the main site is one big task which could make the site load a lot faster. You have to configure a new domain or a subdomain to serve the static content and you can even push that to CloudFlare so that it automatically CDN-ises it. So your site/server will only serve the dynamic content and the CDN will serve the static content

Use very minimal plugins.

Most of use use a LOT of plugins on our site, and most of which we wont use at all. If you haven’t used a plugin for more than 10 days in your blog, you do not really need it. Uninstall and remove it.

Reduce the number of third-party content.

f your site loads a lot of content from third-party sites (ads mostly), then there is high chance that your site can be slow. These advertisement servers could be very slow ad it causes our site too to be slow.

Use a Caching plugin

Caching is the last step that you have to do while you’re optimising your site.  There are different types of caching plugins available which you can choose as per your site. My personal suggestion is w3tc.

Remove Popup Notificaion

Using Pop up notification will impact on lossing the fast speed and get the page speed slow,MAke try to confiqure the website without any notification

Minify your JavaScript and CSS files

Minifying your CSS and JavaScript files means that all the unnecessary data from them like double spaces, empty new lines, comments, etc. will be removed from the files lowering their size. There are many online tools that you can use for free to minify your files. In addition, if you’re using the W3 Total Cache plugin, it has an option to automatically minify your theme’s CSS and JS files.

Enable Dynamic Caching

Adding Dynamic caching to your WordPress site will have great effect on its speed. There are many services like Varnish and APC that can be used but all of them require a lot of server configuration and tweaking of your application to work correctly.

how to optimize wordpress

These are the basic ways to optimize WordPress as a webmaster. As a server admin, you have more room to optimize WordPress. I will be discussing it in my next posts.keep and eye on this blog we will update with amazing contect with help for bloggers also


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