Latest Trick to recharge Jio Rs399 plan at Rs100 only



Hey trickyexperts, how to looting is going on!! well better than ever before!! Today we are come back again with the new letest trick. In india, many users uses jio sim to surf internet and for calling. Many of users recharge their jio sim with Rs 399 plan. It is better than any other operator but it is too costly for looters like us. So we are introducing today the Latest working trick to recharge the jio number at only 100Rs. For this you need only some freecharge accounts and debit/credit card or netbanking.So read full post carefully otherwise you will miss this offer. So let’s get started

Steps to do recharge at 100Rs

  1. first of all, create 4 new freecharge accounts from here
  2. Use incognito mode or clear the data of your browser every time when you create new freecharge account
  3. First recharge your jio number from first freecharge account with amount rs100 and apply promocode JIO75 to get 75 Rs cashback
  4. Then open second freecharge account. Initiate the recharge for your same jio number and enter amount rs100 and apply promocode NEW75 to get Rs75 cashback
  5. Now open third freecharge account. Initiate the recharge for your same jio number and enter the amount rs100 and apply promocode GR75 to get rs 75 cashback
  6. Now open last freecharge account . Initiate the recharge for your jio number and enter the amount Rs100 and apply promocode  PC75 to get Rs75 cashback
  7. So total recharge will be 100*4=400
  8. the total cashback will be 75*4=300
  9. So the effective price for 399 recharge will be 400-300=100 Only😊😊

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Where to use the cashback from freecharge

  1. You can use the all cashback earned from freecharge for next recharge
  2. Use the cashback during seasonable offers where you can get maximum cashback
  3. Otherwise you can use  apps like payumoney,phonpe or zingoy.
  4. you can transfer direct money from payumoney if you pay via freecharge
  5. Or Buy gold from phonepe and sell the gold to your bank account
  6. Or Buy gift vouchers from zingoy and sell them to buyers

Tips and instructions

  1. You can pay via debit/credit card or netbanking as well
  2. keep in mind that the cashback only will be given for once per debit/credit card
  3. so apply different working promocodes on different freecharge account
  4. Don’t recharge the jio number to Rs50 because you will get only 40Rs account balance for that
  5. Instead of that, recharge with Rs100 and you will get 100Rs as account balance

Unlimited free recharges

Jio recharge working trick


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