Reliance Jio Customer Care Toll Free Number & Chat Support 2017


You were searching for Reliance Jio Customer Care Toll Free Number and that’s why you are here. Am I right ? Do not worry, You are at right place and will find great information about Jio customer care & chat support.

I will provide the list of all latest and updated toll free numbers which are helpful to serve you better. No doubt Jio has better service for their million of users but nobody is perfect. Sometime you face an error or feel disappoint if you find some kind of network error or issue or other problems.

This is the time when you feel to contact customer care and you become busy to find the way to contact them. Well, I am here to solve your problem and I do promise I will provide my the best. Just scroll down and make a note of Jio customer care toll free numbers.

Reliance Jio Customer Care Toll Free Number & Chat Support 2017
Reliance Jio Customer Care Toll Free Number & Chat Support 2017


Jio Customer Care Number :

p>Here is the ultimate list of all important numbers of customer care for both Jio and non-jio users.

  • Jio Customer Care Number : 198 or 199
  • Jio Customer Care Toll Free Number : 1800-103-8877
  • Jio Corporate customers care Number : 1800-889-9333
  • New Connection Users : 1860-89-33333
  • Jio 4G Data Activation : 1800-890-1977
  • Email Chat Support : /
  • HD Voice Activation : 1977
  • Contact via Twitter :
  • Contact via Facebook :

Jio Custom

Jio Customer Care Number for Jio Users :

al given number from Jio sim to contact for support. If you are not able to access your Jio sim then check in next step that how you can reach them out from other network.

  • Jio Customer Care Number : 198 or 199
  • Jio Customer Care Toll Free Number : 1800-103-8877
  • Jio Corporate customers care Number : 1800-889-9333

Jio Customer C

Jio Customer Care Number for Other Network :

some circumstances you are not able to access your Jio sim and want help from customer care but How ? Here is the answer I am telling. You can contact them from other network/operator such as Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and so on.

You can easily dial a number from your another network number and that is it you will get connected in some time. You just need to tell them your Jio number and other details if asked. Dial given number.

Jio Customer Care Number for Other Network : 1800-889-9999

Jio Customer Ca

Jio Customer Care Chat :

apart from above numbers is you can contact to customer care via Live Chat section exists in “My Jio” app. You should have this app in your smartphone and it is must.

When the number is busy of customer support then you can try to contact them via Live Chat. They will respond in sort span of time. I have provided some simple steps and you can reach out to Jio support.

How to Get Connected to Jio Care Via Live Chat ?

  1. Download the “My Jio App” from Google play store.
  2. Install and open the app.
  3. You will automatically be signed in as you are Jio user.
  4. Now swipe from left side of the app and choose “Jio Care” option.
  5. You would see Popular Queries, if you have found your query solved then skip otherwise click on Yes.
  6. Leave your message with issue and you will be contacted as they will sort out it.

So, this is the way you can contact to Jio support if you are unable to connect via numbers. It is the best way and also it is time-saving.

How to Get Connected without App for Live Chat ?

If you do not want to contact from MyJio App, you can tap on provided link and reach them out directly via browser. Open and chat directly with Jio team. Tell them your issue and they will sort it out in no time.

Jio E-Mail Chat Support :

Jio E-Mail Chat Support :

field missing and does not want their customer become desperate with their service. Apart from toll-free numbers and Live Chat Support, you can also contact them via an email. Usually they reply to any query within 24 hours.

If you have enough time and you can wait, you can send an email attached with your queries. They will respond as soon as possible. Sometime they respond within 1 hour of raising query.

Send Email at : or

Before sending email attach all required details such as name, number or customer id along with issue you are facing so they can help you better.

Reach Out via Facebook :


Reach Out via Facebook :

reply from Jio side for any query as it is the question of their reputation publicly. Yes! I am talking about their social reach which is Facebook. If you will contact with your issue you can comment down on their post or if you want help personally you can drop your message in there inbox. They will respond faster than another way.

  1. Open up their Facebook Page.
  2. Click on “Message” option and put your query.
  3. Send it and you will be received response within few hours.

Jio team daily handle the social reach and this is the reason you will receive response faster than live chat or email support.

Solve an issue via USSD Codes :

Solve an issue via USSD Codes :solve your problem as I have told above. But you can adopt another way to solve an issue by dialling USSD Codes. Checkout this Jio USSD Codes List which will be helpful to sort out an issue in no time. If you do not know what is USSD Code then Check Here. You will also find their how it works.

Contact via Form :

You are free to

Contact via Form :

rm also. Just fill up the required details and send them. They will reply soon.

  • Visit Form
  • Fill up email, subject and issue.
  • Click on Send and you will be replied soon.

These are the ways you can contact to Reliance Jio Customer Care and you can easily access their toll free number from Jio even from another network.

Hope you will find it helpful. I have given my best to serve you better. If you really liked then like Trickyexpert Facebook Page and subscribe push notification service. Also, do not forget to share this article.



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