Giveaway: Small giveaway from for all users



Hey trickyexperts, how are you, well hope all you are fine. So we already told you in some of past articles that we are going to conduct a small giveaway from So this giveaway is not so big but not also so small. You just need to perform small task and everyone will get the benefits of this giveaway. You will get Paytm cash from us for doing task. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

How to participate in giveaway


  • First of all, you need to download a small app from playstore
  • This app also provides refer and earn Option but due to high min payout amount, many user can’t advantage of this app.
  • And due to this, many users can only do hardly 3 to 4 refers which doesn’t make able to redeem rewards and after than you give up and uninstall app
  • So in this process you even can’t redeem your signup bonus too and you helps to join more users to app without any of your benefit
  • So we decided to Give small amount of this offer to you all guys.

Main steps

  • You need to just Download the idreamcricket app from this link.(mandatory to install through the link to get paytm cash)
  • Then sign up to the app only through the Facebook (Mandatory facebook login)
  • Then you have to send me your Facebook user name and paytm kyc number in comment section(Don’t worry. We will never reveal your facebooks name on our site,so feel free to share your fb name in comment section)
  • Then within 24 hrs, 6 Rs paytm cash will be sent to your paytm number.
  • You should have KYC paytm number to get paytm cash. else we also will be unable to send you money.
  • Thats it all. Just download the app, send your name and paytm number, we will send you paytm cash within 24 hrs
  • The offer is valid for only 14th, 15th and 16th february. So the signups after this periods will not get any paytm cash.


If anyone sends name and paytm number without performing task, then he will not get anything from us as we get notification of the facebook user name when he/she signed up. So only send your details if you done task. Peace!!!!


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