How to get Elite pass for free


How to get free Elite pass in pubg mobile

So do you want to get elite royal pass for free in pubg mobile? If yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide to get royal pass for free in pubg mobile. Pubg is one of the most played games in 2018 and surprisingly withing No time the game managed to Hit the top games chart in Playstore and IOS app store as well.

As we all know that PUBG has  TWO categories and they are Simple pass and Elite Pass out of which Elite pass is the royal pass and you get Extra benefits if you Upgrade to Royal pass in PUBG mobile for free. Differentiating between simple pass and Royal pass is easy, You can identify just by looking at the RP color if it is in Silver then the user has standard pass and if it is in Gold color then the user is having Elite Pass. So in this guide we will tell you the easiest way to Get Elite Pass For free in pubg Mobile.

free Royal Pass Ticket

Trick to Get Royal Pass Free in PUBG Mobile Without Root

There are many trick to Upgrade to royal pass for free but in the end all of them require a rooted android device, but in this guide we will tell you the easiest way to Convert Standard PUBG pass to Elite pass in android phones. But before starting that there are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow, So make sure you follow all of them carefully and in addition we have also added some benefits of Upgrading to Royal pass for free:


Pre-requirements before you Upgrade to Elite Pass in PUBG Mobile for free

  • This Guide is only for Android Users, Incase if you are using IOS or any apple device we will create separate post for that, So make sure you keep checking the article for IOS method
  • Make sure there is more then 75% battery on your Android Phone
  • Make sure You have latest version of Pubg installed on your Phone
  • Make sure you have connected your PUBG account to facebook
  • Make sure your device is connected to internet, Incase if you want to Play PUBG without Internet.

Upgrade to Elite Pass free In PUBG Mobile

As we all know that PUBG is an Online server based game and we can play only after we are online, So the most important step to Get Elite pass in PUBG mobile for free is good internet connection. So proceed only after you are having good internet connection.

So the easiest way to Get PUBG Elite Royal Pass is Earn money By referring your friends and then using that money to Buy PUBG Elite pass for free, So follow the Below steps to Upgrade to PUBG Elite Pass for free.

  • click on 60 UC for Rs. 79 in Pubg then it will ask you to login to Gmail, Login into your Gmail account then
  • select payment method as Net Banking, then Select bank. then it will ask you to type your password of your gmail account to make the payment.
  • (very important) type password then erase password (don’t login) then click on back button in your phone. then a message of forgot password will come,
  • there click on NO THANKS,
  • then again click on back button in your phone, then it will show you’ll get rs. 75 off, if you make payment within 24 hours.
  • then make the payment of Rs. 4…!! nd yassss… you got 60 UC. to do it again, clear your Google Play store data and cache. Nd login with a fresh Gmail account, and repeat the steps.
  • You need 10 Gmail Accounts to add 600 UC (10 times, the same process)
  • you can use 1 account twice or thrice

Benefits of Upgrading to Royal Pass for Free in PUBG mobile

  • In standard pass you get 30 Points to complete a Mission Whereas in Elite pass you get 80 Points to complete mission :
  • In Standard pass you Get Reward after Upgrading to 3 Ranks Whereas in Royal Pass you Get reward for every Rank you Gain
  • Apart from all the above there are many more benefits of Upgrading to Elite Royal Pass for Free

Tricks to get pubg royal pass for 40₹


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