BHIM App Cashback Offer on First Transaction for 2018


 The BHIM app has become more rewarding. The government is giving attractive cash back offers to the BHIM users. The cashback of BHIM is similar to the Google Tez, Phonepe and Paytm. In fact, these payment apps have snatched a lot of BHIM’s market share riding on the cashback schemes. Now BHIM has also come up with a more attractive scheme. The scheme has started since 1 April 2018.

The BHIM App Cashback Scheme For Users

new BHIM cashback scheme is more lucrative and rewarding. In this scheme, every new BHIM user would be able to earn money.

First Transaction offer for New BHIM App User

li>A new BHIM app user would get the cashback of ₹51.
  • You would get the cashback of ₹51 for using the BHIM app. No other BHIM UPI based app is eligible for this app. The Tez, Paytm, Phonepe etc does not qualify for this very cashback.
  • You have to download the BHIM appand make the first transaction through it.
  • There is no minimum amount for the transaction. A mere ₹1 transaction can also give cashback of ₹51.
  • This BHIM app cashback scheme for 2018 is not a referral scheme. It means, you art not going to earn anything by referring the BHIM app.
  • The scheme is only for the new BHIM user. You would not be a new user if you are reinstalling BHIM app.
  • Unique  BHIM UPI Transactions Cashback

    rnment would also give you reward for using BHIM UPI payment system.
  • You would earn as much money as you use this platform.
  • There would be a reward of ₹25 for each unique transaction. It means, you would get ₹25, if you pay to the new person.
  • The transaction value should be at least ₹100.
  • The reward of ₹25 would be maximum for 20 transactions/calendar month. Thus, you would earn maximum ₹500/month through this scheme. Want to earn more? Wait for next month.
  • UPI apps by the banks and BHIM app are eligible for this reward. The SBI Pay, iMobile, Chillr, BarodaPay etc would give you this reward.
  • The users of the Non-Banking app like Phonepe, Tez, Paytm, Whatsapp would not earn this reward.
  • Total BHIM UPI Transactions Rewards

    for using BHIM UPI system for payments. There is no condition of the unique transactions.
  • To qualify for the reward, you have to do a minimum transaction in a calendar month.
  • If you pay more than 25 times in a month using BHIM UPI platform, you would get reward of ₹100.
  • If you transact more than 50 times through BHIM UPI, you would get a reward of ₹200.
  • If you transact more than 100 times using BHIM app apps, you would get a reward of ₹250.
  • Only those transaction would be considered which has a value of more than ₹10.
  • The transaction through the *99# USSD banking is also eligible for this cashback.
  • Payment of Cashback

    k immediately after the transaction. Rather, It may take up to 40 days. The cashback is credited to your bank account befthe ore 10th day of the next month.

    The central government is promoting the cashless transactions in various ways. Last year, it has started to give the cashback scheme for the BHIM users and merchants. But, the Google Tez and Paytm came with a better scheme. Due to this most of the new customer has adopted the Tez and Paytm. In the August 2017, the BHIM has a market share of 40.5%, but in the February 2018, it came down to 5.75%.

    Meanwhile, The government has waived the MDR (Merchant Discount rate) charges on transaction upto ₹2,000. This waiver is applicable for Debit cards, BHIM UPI and AEPS. This waiver would be available until 31 Dec 2019.


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